Dip Nail Powder Starter Kit

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No need to spend money on the salon. Nail Powder delivers all you need to create a nail salon-quality dip powder manicure, right at the comfort of your home!

This no-fuss Nail Powder results in a lightweight, feel natural, durable finish that lasts longer than gel polish. 

It's specially formulated to resist chipping and lifting while providing superior adhesion and smooth consistency. Plus, it won't damage your natural nails and comes off easily with acetone.

First Time Using Nail Powder?

Our Starter Kit Has Got You Covered!


Step 1: Apply the base layer to nails
Step 2: 
Dip nail in powder
Step 3: 
Apply another base layer
Step 4: 
Dip again in powder
Step 5: 
Apply activator and wait to dry
Step 6: 
Apply finishing top coat

Healthier Than Traditional Acrylic

  • No UV/LED lamp required for this better alternative to traditional acrylic systems.
  • This is formulated without harsh chemicals
  • Features strong adhesion to prevent lifting, chipping, & discoloring.
  • It feels and looks natural, is lightweight, and has impeccable shine.

Long-Wear & Durability

  • Nail Powder lasts 3-6 weeks without chipping!
  • They add length, protection, & shine without ruining the natural nail bed.
  • This kit may be used up to 30 sets of nails.

Easy Soak Off

  • Nail Powder can be removed in just 15 minutes!
  • Specially formulated for quick removal

Non-toxic & Odor-free dip system

  • This new craze-dipped manicure is a healthier and exciting alternative in Nail Enhancements.
  • More durable than Acrylic, and is odor-free
  • Resistant to chipping and cracking, breathable, water-resistant with no damage to the nails beds.


What's Inside Our Starter Kit?

Powder Capacity: 10ml
Base/Top/Activator: 7ml
Color: As the pictures show


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