Contour Gauge Duplicator

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A contour gauge is a measuring tool used to record the cross-sectional shape of a surface. It consists of a set of plastic or steel pins set against each other in a frame. It makes it easier to copy curved lines.

The Contour Gauge Duplicator is a handyman’s best friend. It is mainly used for surfaces with curves and creases for precise marking. You can use it in metalworking, woodworking, and architectural conversation. It features bright green teeth that make it easy to see what you are doing for a simpler tracing.

The Contour Gauge Duplicator is made primarily from rugged ABS plastic, you won’t accidentally scratch the items you use it on.  

The Contour Gauge Duplicator works like wonders! Save your time from hiring a carpenter to do the work for you. Just simply press the pins' teeth onto the edge and trace it. It’s so easy! Now, you can do a D-I-Y in the comfort of your lovely home!

Profile Gauge

  • A useful tool for woodwork, bodywork, sheet metal, and stainless steel
  • Copy exact measurements and shapes with ease
  • Measure and duplicate perfectly

Precise Wide Application

  • Works well in duplicating the shape of any irregular items, copying the shape of moldings or match cutouts
  • Mimics the curves and creases for a more precise measurement
  • It can also be used in a wide array of winding pipes, auto metal sheets, circular frames, pipes, tile, laminate, wood planking, ducts, flooring, carpet, molding, etc.

Practical Tool

  • Makes your work a lot easier
  • Work with less hassle
  • It is a useful tool needed for all kinds of modeling

Simple to Use

  • A precise measure can be achieved by simply pressing the pins teeth onto shape and trace
  • It is very convenient and saves your time
  • Say goodbye to hiring carpenters as you can do D-I-Y

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