Growing Pouch (Potato/ Strawberry)

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This cool new Growing Pouch allows you to grow potatoes, strawberries, and other root vegetables via container gardening. Easily grow any variety you want right on your own patio.
Harvest your house crops without needing to dig deep in the dirt! These pouches are an excellent solution for small space gardeners.
It allows you to control the region the tubers are planted in and makes them easy to harvest!


✔ Mess Free Harvest: Easily harvest fruits and vegetables without digging or pulling the whole plant. No more dirt on your fingers!
✔ Reinforced Handle Design:
Allows to easily move the plants anywhere in your garden.
✔ Convenient Pouch Openings: No need to flip the whole plant over!

✔ Non-Woven Breathable Fabric:
As the air moves through the pouch, it strengthens the root systems of the plants. Helps the plant breathe and grow better with more oxygen flow.
✔ Eco-Friendly:
They're 100% reusable!
✔ For Indoor and Outdoor Planting:
Ideal for patios, small gardens, balconies, sun rooms, and any outdoor space.


Material: Felt, Non-Woven Fabric
Available Colors:
Black, Brown, Green
Potato Pouch Sizes:
Small - 25x30cm (4 Gallon), Medium - 30x35cm (7 Gallon), Large - 35x40cm (10 Gallon)
Strawberry Pouch Size: 38 x 22 cm (4 Gallon)


1 pc x Growing Pouch (Potato/ Strawberry)

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