Mystical Wireless Charging Pad

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We all know how great wireless charging is, but this Mystical Phone Charging Pad takes this almost Sc-Fi technology and makes it truly magical as well.

Gradually lights up and emits a soft yellowish glow when your smartphone is placed on top. It's very cool, it makes you feel amazed and in awe at how phenomenal this charger is. 

Turn the mundane task of charging your phone into a downright magical experience by placing it on this Mystical Phone Charging Pad.


Magic Array Unique Design

  • The amazing magic array will shine when you put your phone on
  • It will illuminate instantly from outside of the circle to the middle
  • Make phone charging not only a daily routine but a supernatural ritual

Fast Charging

  • Our LED Wireless charger comes in two options, 5W and 10W.
  • 5W is regular charging speeds
  • 10W is our upgraded fast charging device

Eight Magic Protection

  • Special protection during the phone charging process
  • Protect your mobile device from:
  • Overcharge, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, overpower, under-voltage, short circuit, electromagnetic field & foreign objects.


  • Using more than 244 LED lights to establish the magic circle
  • The light will turn off and keep the whole charging process
  • Sleep friendly once recognize your phone is charging

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