Post-Natal Recovery Band Set

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🤰Miss your captivating pre-pregnancy body figure? 😢

😍Want to get your amazing figure back after giving birth? What you need is our Post-Natal Recovery Belt Band. The postpartum belt is specially designed for a woman’s post-pregnancy body 🙆‍♀. Made of skin-friendly and breathable fabric, it speeds up the postpartum healing process by supporting lower back and core muscles that help in slimming belly, waist and hips🤩


2 Belts in 1 Set:

  • Belly Belt: Strengthen core muscles that bring your abdominal muscles back to normal state up to 50% in just two weeks
  • Pelvis Belt: Helps to ease the transition of uterus and shrink it down to normal size

    How does it speed up postpartum healing process?

    • 💁‍♀️Slims belly, waist and hips
    • 🤩Revives flabby skin
    • 💪Strengthens core muscles
    • 😖Relieves back and pelvis pain
    • 😘Helps ease transition of uterus
    • 🤰Provides comfort for after-birth mothers
    • 🍼Built-in bracket provides support for back that can improve postures while breastfeeding
    • 😚Minimises stretch marks


    4 straps serves different functions

    • 1st: Control upper abdominal muscle for supporting breastfeeding 🍼
    • 2nd: Reduces gastric pressure by narrowing the gaps between organs 😘
    • 3rd: Prevents organ prolapses 💞
    • 4th: Promote uterus shrinkage to its pre-pregnancy size 🤰


    Adjustable & Breathable

    • Adjustable hook and loop 👍 allows you to adjust the tightness by yourself and to make it equal from both sides
    • 💨Breathable & stretchy mesh fabric won't make you feel stuffy
    • 🤰Applicable for both C-section and natural childbirth

    Color options:


    • Materials: 38mm long-staple breathable cotton
    • Size: M/L/XL/2XL

    Package includes:

    • 1 x Post-Natal Recovery Belly Band
    • 1 x Pelvis Band
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